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7 favorite Block Dawgs of Treeplanting

Pooch, dogs or 'block dawg' are essential companions while treeplanting. Planters spend hours in the forest each day, often alone, so a little bit of canine is always welcome. 🐶 🐕

Here are our 7 favorite pooches from Insta this treeplanting season!

#7 - The Affectionate and Supportive Block Dawg


#6 - The Thinking Block Dawg - WTF am I doing here

A post shared by ALEX ARMSTRONG (@alxarmstrng) on


#5 - Dougie the teensy tiny Block Bud 

A post shared by Maya (@mayatekavcic) on


#4 - The Always ready to plant trees Block Dawg

A post shared by kodatcha (@kodi_thepomawolf) on


#3 - Fluffy the Block Dawg

A post shared by Maxime Lessard (@primefungi) on


#2 - Frank the Block Dawg

A post shared by Maya (@mayatekavcic) on


#1 - Frank & Doogie the Block Dawgs Duo

A post shared by Jordan (@frankandnoble) on

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