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Artist Collab Spotlight: Charlie Inglehart

Create Forest is all about discovering new talents and making rad collaborations. We recently sat down with one of our first collab, Charlie Inglehart, to learn more about his inspirations. Read more or snag a Create Forest x Charlie Inglehart tee for your next adventure and impress your friends:

Charlie Inglehart on Create Forest

What's your artist name?

- Charlie Inglehart

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

- Was born out west but grew up in the Ottawa Valley, Always been into drawing but also enjoy the craft of woodworking and metal fabrication. Real big into bicycles/motorcycles, love being in the outdoors whether it be camping, fishing or just exploring. Always take great pride and care when it comes to work but I never take life too seriously since you can't have great adventures if your too busy worrying about all the little things.

Where are you based?

- Greater Madawaska, Ontario

How long have you been drawing/illustrating?

- Been drawing all my life, but started taking it more seriously in 2011 while living in Toronto.

What tools/software do you use for your illustrations?

- Right now I'm currently drawing in Photo Shop CC with a Wacom Tablet on a PC computer. Every now and again I'll do some sketch/ink work with a brush pen.

What keeps you awake at nite?

- Mostly up all night drawing since its my preferred hour of work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

- Hoping to have furthered my skills as an artist both in illustration, woodworking and as a machinist. But basically plan on still doing the same adventures as I am now.

What's your favourite hiking trail or camping spot?

- Have a bunch of favourite spots I like to go camping at with my friends in the Greater Madawaska Area that can't be told online and can only be found out about if you come along with us.

Who's your favourite artist?

- Too many great artists out there to just pin down one favourite, but 5 artists I'm currently inspired by are Dan Mumford, Wizard Cleave (Michael Gilreath), Chad Eaton, Chris J. Volin and Daniel Shaw.


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Stay in touch with Charlie's work on InstagramTumblr or by email. Snag a Create Forest x Charlie Inglehart tee for your next adventure and impress your friends:

Charlie Inglehart on Create Forest

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