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Tree Updates: 3 New BC Planting Sites + 1000 Trees Planted

Tree Updates: 3 New BC Planting Sites

We're excited to announce a new partnership with OneTreePlanted with whom we committed and recently pledged 1,000 trees to be planted for our 2019 planting season in British Columbia. 

Thanks for being awesome and supporting reforestation in Canada! Starting today, your new Create Forest purchases will be processed to plant trees in the new projects:

- 1 - 

Canim Lake, British Columbia, Canada

This is an ongoing project to plant trees around Canim Lake in an effort to restore native activities for the First Nations living in this area.

- 2 - 

Nemaiah Valley, British Columbia, Canada

This project is part of a 50 000 tree planting project of Lodgepole Pine, Birch and cotton wood trees in the Nemaiah Valley. This project will not only help to mitigate climate change but also provide medicine and food to the first nation communities that reside here.

- 3 - 

Brittany Triangle, British Columbia, Canada

This project is part of a 70 000 tree planting project in the Brittany Triangle where 200 wild horses reside. These horses have existed before the arrival of europeans. This project aims to increase their habitat and their population.

We'd love to hear which one(s) of the three new planting sites we should plant more trees this year. Let us know!

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