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Where are you located?

Vancouver, BC

I'm located in Vancouver, can I pick up my item(s)?

Yes, shoot us an email at and we'll coordinate. 

How long is shipping?

Visit our shipping page to find out more.

Can I get a discount?

Follow us on Insta @createforest or Facebook and sign up to our newsletter! We post a lot of discounts there.

Are you 100% made in Canada?

Yes, really!

I'm an artist, can we collaborate on a new design?

We'd love too <3, shoot us an email at to find out more.

Do you wholesale or have a stockist?

Yes, we do both. <3 Shoot us an email at to find out more.


Tree Planting

How do I become a tree planter?

Check out our friend's website at where they have multiple handy resources to get started.

Are the trees growing well?

Trees planted through Create Forest's partnerships are never cut and contribute to cleaner air, cleaner soil, and cleaner waterways.

I just bought an item, where are my two trees being planted?

Enter your tree code on this page to find out where and connect with your trees impact.

Are you really planting trees?

Yes of course, that's our mission! Trees are planted through Create Forest's partnerships. Visit our partners to find out more.

I'm going tree planting this spring, summer or fall, can I get some free stuff?

Shoot us an email at to find out more.