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Mystery Buffee x2
Mystery Buffee x2
Mystery Buffee x2
Mystery Buffee x2
Mystery Buffee x2
Mystery Buffee x2
Mystery Buffee x2
Mystery Buffee x2

One Item Purchased = Two Trees Planted

  • You're making a difference
  • Receive a ‘tree code’ to pin-point the exact location in Canada where your trees are growing!

Mystery Buffee x2

  • made in Canada
  • 70% rayon bamboo · 25% cotton · 5% spandex
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  • Details


    Mystery Buffees are back! Not sure what colors to pick? Let us pick one or more for you! Plus, for a limited time, save 30% on buffees (regular $18.00).

    Our Mystery Buffees are available in x1x2 or x4 packs. Don't miss out! Cheer yourself and your loved ones this Holiday Season.

    Hint: secret and beautiful colors are available.
    Includes: 2 buffees picked at random.


    Our new multi-functional bamboo buffees can be used as: neck warmer, headband, hat, mask, toque, cap, or even as a halter top! 

    Mystery Buffees are available in 8 colors: ForestPlumMagentaMint, Peacock, Salt & Pepper, Ocean, and Sunrise.

    Fit: Unisex · One size fits most
    Size: 16" x 20"

  • Materials

    Bamboo buffes are an eco-friendly clothing choice (with major benefits). Bamboo does not require fertilizers or pesticides for cultivation and it grows rapidly and profusely without depleting the soil. It has a lower environmental impact than pesticide-laden conventional cotton and petroleum-derived nylon fabrics. Bamboo is also a superior fabric in terms of softness and functionality. It is naturally moisture wicking and anti-bacterial, allowing it to repel odours and toxins. It's even hypo-allergenic and UV resistant. It really has it all - don't tell your other buffees.
  • Origin

    • 100% made in Canada

    All our products are designed, printed, and made under socially conscious manufacturing practices in Canada. We support other local entrepreneurs and put a priority on giving back to our country. We call that 100% Canadian awesomeness.

  • Sizing

    • Fit: Unisex · One size fits most
    • Size: 16 x 20 in
  • Care

    Take care of your garments to extend the life-cycle:

    • Only wash when necessary.
    • Use biodegradable soap or detergent.
    • We recommend hand washing in cold water and hanging to dry.
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One Item Purchased = Two Trees Planted

  • You're making a difference
  • 6,504 Trees planted in Canada thanks to you!

We plant two trees in Canada for each item purchased. In addition to the restoration of forests and wildlife habitat, trees planted through Create Forest's partnerships are never cut and contribute to cleaner air, cleaner soil, and cleaner waterways.